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PostHeaderIcon Finding A Lost Pet l Things You Can Do To Help Locate Him

Years ago I had two dogs, one wolf hybrid and one Collie who were always getting out of our fence.  Most of the time I was able to get in the car  drive around find them and bring them back home.

This always worked for me except this one time.  My timber wolf master of escapes along with my Collie decided to go up the expressway ramp  close to my house.  I can only imagine what that looked like two dogs walking along side of the expressway. I spent most of the day looking for them. Finally I decided I would just have to wait until they came home.

Later that night my Collie came home. Unfortunately he came home alone. I was crushed I didn’t know if he got killed by a car or picked up by animal control again.

I called the humane society and informed them of my missing dog so if he was picked up later they might call me. The next day I even went down there to make sure he wasn’t there.

I decided to put an ad in the newspaper under lost and found with a reward. The reward doesn’t have to be big. Many people will call because they are animal lovers. Days went by with no hope. I would spend several hours every day driving around the neighborhood with no luck.

Then one day someone called from the ad in the newspaper and said on his way to work he seen a dog that fit his description walking back on forth on the side of the expressway. I got in my car and rode back and forth getting off at the next exit and driving back on the expressway.  He was just nowhere in sight. Another day went by with no luck.

Then the next  day the same man called and said he just seen my dog again on the side of the expressway. My husband and I jumped into my car and got on the expressway looking for him. When we turned around on our way back to our house, it was then that we noticed him.   He was at the edge of the expressway ramp trying to find a way back to our house but it was apparent the traffic was too scary.

We stopped and called his name and he came running into our car. I can’t tell you how happy I felt. I could only cry.  He was gone for 5 days. I’m lucky because my lost dog story turned out good not all lost pets have a happy ending.

Things to do before you lose a pet.

Collars with your dog’s name and address are good but what if someone just wants to keep your beautiful pet.  Microchips can be the answer. When your dog visits the vet he may discover the real owner.

Things you can do if you lose your pet.

When I lost my dog there was no internet and posting in the newspaper was the best option for recovering him.  Today newspapers are less popular with everyone getting their news online.  That fact should not worry you because you can now place your ad online. It is fast and convenient, you can also put it in the newspaper.

If your dog is on any medications you may want to  consider LostMyDoggie.com - Will find your missing pet by quickly calling all your neighbors.

Losing your pet is always a devastating experience and you should act right away. The longer you wait the further your pet could travel and the chance that they might be injured increases.

Some other tips if you lose your pet are

1) search the neighborhood, knock on doors.

2) call all local shelters

3) post signs at intersections (with a reward if possible) and around your neighborhood,  make sure they can read it from a distance.