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Hi, Welcome to More Pet Pampering a collection of stories about my three Pomeranians, three cats  and the hundreds of pets I have cared for as a Professional Pet Sitter. More Pet Pampering is technically just an extension of my pet sitting website Pet Pampering.

I’ve been a pet sitter for close to 13 years now and while I love caring for dogs in my home the only drawback is I’m around dogs all day and night with little adult conversation. That was partly the reason I decided to start this blog. I have a lot to say and no one but dogs to listen to me even if they do pretend to hear.

While I’m no expert I feel I’ve learned a lot in my years of animal ownership and care.  And like all animal lovers I love talking about my pets and hope that I have created an informative and humorous pet blog.

Besides all that I love taking videos of pets playing in my house and yard. While my videos may be shakier than my advice they are cute to their owners. Hence posting the videos on my blog lets you comment and give me the feedback that I hope you will.

I thank all the people who have trusted me with their most precious possessions their pets. Hope you love my blog and please forgive me if I don’t always have the proper English and leave any dangling participles (what the heck is a dangling participle anyway, it’s been a extremely long time since grade school.)


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