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PostHeaderIcon Allergies Or Black Spot Disease In Dogs

Recently my Pomeranian Bria for the second time in her life has developed what looks like black spot disease. She is starting to lose her fur and the skin is turning black. Last year’s episode  started with extreme itching and her skin was a bright pink. I thought it was an allergic  reaction to the chlorine in our pool.

She could not even walk a straight line because she was trying to scratch herself constantly. She loved to go swimming and my friend thought she was having a seizure because she was trying to scratch herself while she dog paddled.

I read that low thyroid can be a contributing factor in black spot disease so even though she tested normal the vet decided to try her on thyroid hormones. This was after steroids and other products failed to help her problem. Amazingly she got better with time.

Then in July of this year she again developed black spot disease.  Her skin was extremely pink and it was turning black.
While we were there he did a skin scraping to see if she had mites or demodectic mange like my Precious had 2 years ago. Thank goodness that was negative.

Right away she was started on predisone (steroids) and simplex. She seemed to get better but when the medication ran out her skin got worse. She then started loosing her hair.

I decided to search for information on the problem and read the following statement on a popular vet’s website.

This is what it said “Alopecia X (black spot disease) does not appear to affect a dog’s health. It seems to be a purely cosmetic issue for owners of affected animals, and benign neglect is often the recommended “treatment” of choice. ”

You got to be kidding right? This only tells me they have no idea how it is caused or how to cure it. So I decided if they couldn’t fix it I would look for some natural products to help it.

After more research  I came across an article that the disease can start out as black dots usually on the belly or genitals. These spots are an early indicator of a very serious attack on your dog by some infecting agent, whether it’s a fungus (or yeast), bacterium, or follicular mite. It doesn’t go away or get better  and is usually accompanied by mild, occasional itching. A single flea bite can give rise to this situation, that nasty flea injecting who knows what kind of pathogen just under your pets skin.

This suddenly started making sense to me why she developed it now.  Her skin on her stomach and back legs were the only area that was black. She loves to swim and when she get out I only dry her a little and she usually is wet underneath for hours. Her long hair keeps water trapped next to her skin and I feel for her it has to have been caused by an allergy to chlorine or the fact that she would be wet for hours with that chlorine water next to her skin.

The website suggested a 3 part process to cure the black spot disease. First you bathe your dog. You can use Peppermint Tea Tree Oil Shampoo 12 fl oz Liquid Allergies Or Black Spot Disease In Dogs or if you don’t want to spend the money at first just some regular shampoo for dogs then after that you are to  put DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion, 4 fl.oz. Allergies Or Black Spot Disease In Dogs  on her. I put a little t-shirt on her to keep her from licking it and keeping it on the skin and not my couch. When it  dries a little I just take her shirt back off. I found a toddlers shirt my grandson outgrew fit her good.

Then as the skin heals and fur begins to grow back,  apply DerMagic Cell Restoration Creme Allergies Or Black Spot Disease In Dogs needed to soften and protect new skin, to complete the healing process and to combat dry, flaky skin.

It has only been 3 days and I can see a real improvement her skin is no longer bright red. I think this is going to work. Thank goodness who would want to go around with  large bald spots even if you’re a dog?

I know if your dog has started to lose his fur because of black spot disease or Alopecia X dermagic is a product that can help. Please share with us what worked for you.


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4 Responses to “Allergies Or Black Spot Disease In Dogs”

  • Anne says:

    One of my dogs (Chihuahua-Terrier mix)had exactly those symptoms, and also itchy ears from recurrent infections. I took her to a veterinary dermatologist who said this was allergy related and gave me several options. The first (cheapest) was to try various OTC anti-allergy products – NONE of them (and I tried them all) provided any relief for her. Next I tried special bathes, elimination diets and removing allergens from her environment (dust mites, pollen, etc.)- again nothing helped. The poor girl was beside herself with scratching – even keeping me awake at night. Belly and paws were completely denuded and blackened with excoriations everywhere. Next options were to try Temeril-P and/or allergy testing and desensitization shots (lifelong). To my immense relief, the Temeril-P did the trick. Didn’t at first want the steroids in Temeril-P, but my Naturopathic vet gave the okay, saying that low dose is okay even for long-term, and that I shouldn’t be fearful. Started her on high dose to bring it under control and tapered to lowest possible dose – she is now on 1/4 tab 1X/day and has be stable for almost 2 years. If I forget, she lets me know the next day (scratching). The pills are expensive, but I mail order from Canada which really helps… Also, she is on an ear cleaning regimen with Douxo 1X/week (when I remember).

  • Sue Huss says:

    I agree steroids scare me. Nothing good can come from long term use of them but quality of life is more important. You should try derMagic. I can see where eventually Bria will be cured again most likely untill next year. I didn’t mention a naturalpathic vet did blood work and told me she was allergic to most food the only thing I could give her was duck or rabbit. Since I cook for my dogs and I refuse to cook either of those foods I looked for other answers. Now she eats beef, chicken most anything that my vet said she was allergic to with no issues. I guess they don’t know everything.
    Remember to give your dogs probiotics when I run out my Bria tends to get those yeast infections in her ears also.

  • Rhonda says:

    My mothers pomeranian had black skin disease and loss tons of hair, I read about giving them melatonin for this, so I started giving her dog 1.5 mgs of melatonin twice a day, about a month later, all spots and black skin was gone and she had a full coat of fur. I always do research.

  • Ann says:

    My dog had a similar skin condition after spending hundreds at vet on creams etc only to have the condition worsen once the dose ran out. The cause was apparently an allergic reaction or mites but what kind and how to cure these hot spots they could provide. After some research I treated the affected area by cutting fur around area, washing with saline solution, allowing to dry, washing with diluted betadine allowing to dry and then applying tricorzone. One day condition improved. over next two three days continued treatment and washed with oatmeal pet wash, continued treatment. Important that the affected areas remain as dry and clean as possible.

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