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PostHeaderIcon A Dog’s Devotion

I’m compelled today to share not any great wisdom but my dogs love for my grandson.

Ever since my son brought Ryan home from the hospital 6 years ago my Pomeranian Megan would want to sit by his carrier. Of course that made my overprotective son crazy.

Through the years I could see the bond grow stronger. When he came over my other 2 dogs were excited to see him but Megan would follow him around like that was her purpose in life.

Megan like many dogs would like to wonder around our yard and pretend not to hear me calling her into the house, but I learned quickly that all I would have to say is ” Ryan’s here” and she would come running. It wouldn’t matter how many times I may have said it in the past and it wasn’t true there could always be a chance he was really there.

I would always tell Ryan that perhaps Megan was there in heaven with you before you were born that must be why she doesn’t want to leave your side now. She is afraid of being separated again.

Anyway last night Ryan spent the night as he frequently does. I woke up before he had to get up for school and was doing the things I normally do every morning when my husband said shouldn’t you wake Ryan up now for school. I said ok and called Megan and put her on the other side of the gate I put up. She looked at me for a second and I only said “Go on” and she ran upstairs to Ryan’s room and started whining until he woke up.

My husband was amazed and said   ” You’ve got to be kidding”. I told him that was why the gate was there in the first place because I knew she would run up there right away to wake him.

Her devotion seems unending. It’s something that can’t be taught it’s either there or not. While I am sometimes jealous of the bond they have I’m glad it’s there.

If you have a story of devotion with your dog I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance for sharing.

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