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PostHeaderIcon Dog Food And Chicken By-Products

Recently I read where a popular dog food company Royal Canin was changing its formula from real chicken and chicken meal to chicken by-products.  I found it hard to believe because this would make it no better than the dog food found in every grocery store.

Since it was hard to imagine why they would change this product with many long time satisfied customers I went to their Facebook page and simply asked them the question, ” Are you changing your formula to chicken by-products”?

They responded but not on their site, maybe they don’t want to many people to know. Their answer was and I quote ” We have transitioned to chicken by-product meal in our MED, MAXI and Giant formulas. This change allows us to provide the same or superior nutritional benefits without competing with the human food supply. Thank you.”

I know there are people starving in the world but I don’t believe that there is any shortage of chickens in the U.S.  This might be more believable if every dog food company suddenly started using by-products and when I went to the grocery store it was hard to find any chicken, but that isn’t the case.

I think the real reason for their change of formula has nothing to do with saving chicken for starving humans, it’s simply about money.  If that was the real reason wouldn’t they change the formula in all their dog food.  Could it be that the many small dog owners will not stand for feeding their dog by-products of any kind?

Should we start feeling  guilty every time we feed our pets quality dog food? Royal Canin’s guilt trip is much like what your parents did when you didn’t finish your food as a child and they would say “There are people starving in the world.”  My unspoken response was, ” Well, let’s send them this along with that spinach we had for supper.”   The majority of parents were not worried about world hunger only that we finish our food so we may remain healthy and eat less junk food.   I contest what Royal Canin is saying is no different from what our parents said to us as children and they are using the same guilt trip. They want us  to continue buying their dog food because there are starving people in the world. If we continue to feed our pets chicken will it create a chicken shortage or will more people just raise chickens?

The difference between chicken meal and chicken by-products

To help you understand what this really means when you buy the new and improved Royal Canin dog food, what it use to contain was “Poultry Meal the dry rendered product from a combination of clean flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone.

Now Royal Canin dog food with chicken by-products will contain the ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcass of slaughtered poultry, such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs, and intestines, exclusive of feathers, except in such amounts as might occur unavoidably in good processing practices. It may also contain  chicken intestines and/or chicken feces. There’s no doubt when you use  ingredients like these you are creating an inferior dog food. Is there anyone who believes that this new pet food formulation has the same or superior nutritional benefits as Royal Canin insists?

My motto for feeding my dogs a quality pet food has always been like the old automotive oil commercial, ” pay me now or pay me later.”  Buy a quality food that cost more money now or pay more money at the veterinarians later.


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PostHeaderIcon What’s Really In Your Dog’s Food?

Have you ever given much thought to what’s in that cheap brand of dog food?  Do you take the time to read the label on your dog’s food or simply purchase it because of the popular commercial you’ve seen.  Now, I’m not talking about the better quality dog foods.  I’m talking about a popular inexpensive brand with artificial colors.

Why do you think these big dog food companies believe that dogs, while not color blind, but with  significantly less chromatic acuity than humans need to have these bright colors added to their food.  The reason is not for dogs but for the humans buying this food for their pets. It simply looks better and sells more. The dog food may appear to have color from the vegetables added to it but it is Red 40 Yellow 5, Blue 2 and Yellow6, The Poison Rainbow.

While artificial colors are not the only thing that bothers me.  Do you ever wonder why there are so many grains in your carnivorous canine’s foods? The answer is simple, they’re cheap.

There is much controversy whether dogs can sufficiently digest corn or wheat, which are often found in these well-known dog foods. The fact is that corn and corn meal have a significant high glycemic index.  These just turn to sugar in your dog’s blood. You might compare it to you eating fast food for every meal.

It is also highly debated by Purina that corn gluten meal and other grains are not allergenic but as a pet sitter I have found dogs eating a low quality pet food loaded with grains are always scratching and biting themselves.  Almost always when I suggest a grain free diet to these dog’s owners their constant scratching improves immensely.

The fact is today corn is so genetically modified. There are many studies that show GM corn to be a major health concern.  Studies where rats fed a diet containing GM corn shows they not only died earlier than rats on a standard diet, they developed mammary tumors and severe kidney and liver damage as well. Do you really want your dog eating this every day for the rest of his life?

Can you even imagine how ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour,  rice flour, soy flour, thrown in with some chicken by-product meal (slaughterhouse waste) and some animal digest could be something good to feed your dog? (see picture below)

If you happen to be a person who still can’t see spending a little more money for your dog food, I’m reminded of an old motor oil commercial that goes something like “Pay me now or pay me later.”   What you may not realize is what you save now is what you could end up spending later at the veterinarian.

You should know that I am not promoting a specific dog food, because for me the best food is something you fix yourself for your dog,  I only recommend you know what’s in your dog’s food.  If you want to see how your dog food stands up check out the Dog Food Advisor.

So, what’s in your dog’s food?


I found this picture of ingredients in that cheap brand of dog food so you may have a better concept of what is really in that bag.

Click on picture to make larger.

Benefulingredients 300x226 Whats Really In Your Dogs Food?

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