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PostHeaderIcon Congestive Heart Failure With My 3 Dogs

 Congestive Heart Failure With My 3 Dogs

My 3 Pomeranians Megan, Bria & Precious #2

So if you have been to my blog before you probably found it from my previous post about congestive heart failure in dogs.
It’s my story of my Pomeranian Precious and her last few years with CHF. If you’ve had a dog with CHF you can surely relate. Precious lost her battle with congestive heart failure 4 years ago and for the past two years I’ve been coping with my other Pomeranian Bria with congestive heart failure and collapsing trachea.
She had a few issues with uncontrolled coughing but she was doing so good on all her meds, Vetmedin,Enapril,Lasix, Torbutrol and Hydrocodone for coughing.
I thought she would live much longer than she did. I guess it just hit her all at once which I am thankful that it wasn’t as hard for her as it was for my Precious.
She just started panting so hard and wouldn’t stop coughing. I had to put her down 2 weeks ago just 2 weeks to Christmas. She is now my 2nd Pomeranian to die from CHF.

After my Precious died I rescued a Pomeranian who looked just like her. The rescue organization said she was found wandering around. Somebody obviously dropped her off.
They most likely tried to breed her a few years and when she was 6 years old they decided she was no more use to them. So sad, but lucky for me it was like I still had my Precious.
Since she was a stray she didn’t have a name so I had to name her Precious also. That fact has created a situation where if I’m talking about my first Precious I always have to say Precious #1 which drives my kids crazy asking why can’t she have her own name. But it made loosing Precious #1 a little easier for me.

I mention her now only because she too now has congestive heart failure and collapsing trachea. She is much like Precious #1 having to visit the vet so often I started calling her my lemon. My vet laughs knowing I say it with love.
She is retaining fluid in her lungs and in her stomach so she has been prescribed another diuretic along with lasix. She drinks and pees all the time but what can you do.
There have been times when her tongue was all blue from not getting enough oxygen throughout her body and the vet had to give her oxygen. I’ve been told she will most likely live another month or so which is crazy because I just had to put down Bria 2 weeks ago.
I’ve been told there’s just nothing more they can do. She is only 10 years old. I can’t help but think my Bria needs her there with her because they were great buddies in the past years always sharing their cooling pad and cleaning each other’s eyes.
I am grateful for our short time together and I’m sure I would do it all over again even knowing she was going to be my little lemon.
Hope to hear from any of you going through the same things I thinking talking about it always helps. Blessings to all of you and your loving pets.

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