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PostHeaderIcon Finding A Lost Pet l Things You Can Do To Help Locate Him

Years ago I had two dogs, one wolf hybrid and one Collie who were always getting out of our fence.  Most of the time I was able to get in the car  drive around find them and bring them back home.

This always worked for me except this one time.  My timber wolf master of escapes along with my Collie decided to go up the expressway ramp  close to my house.  I can only imagine what that looked like two dogs walking along side of the expressway. I spent most of the day looking for them. Finally I decided I would just have to wait until they came home.

Later that night my Collie came home. Unfortunately he came home alone. I was crushed I didn’t know if he got killed by a car or picked up by animal control again.

I called the humane society and informed them of my missing dog so if he was picked up later they might call me. The next day I even went down there to make sure he wasn’t there.

I decided to put an ad in the newspaper under lost and found with a reward. The reward doesn’t have to be big. Many people will call because they are animal lovers. Days went by with no hope. I would spend several hours every day driving around the neighborhood with no luck.

Then one day someone called from the ad in the newspaper and said on his way to work he seen a dog that fit his description walking back on forth on the side of the expressway. I got in my car and rode back and forth getting off at the next exit and driving back on the expressway.  He was just nowhere in sight. Another day went by with no luck.

Then the next  day the same man called and said he just seen my dog again on the side of the expressway. My husband and I jumped into my car and got on the expressway looking for him. When we turned around on our way back to our house, it was then that we noticed him.   He was at the edge of the expressway ramp trying to find a way back to our house but it was apparent the traffic was too scary.

We stopped and called his name and he came running into our car. I can’t tell you how happy I felt. I could only cry.  He was gone for 5 days. I’m lucky because my lost dog story turned out good not all lost pets have a happy ending.

Things to do before you lose a pet.

Collars with your dog’s name and address are good but what if someone just wants to keep your beautiful pet.  Microchips can be the answer. When your dog visits the vet he may discover the real owner.

Things you can do if you lose your pet.

When I lost my dog there was no internet and posting in the newspaper was the best option for recovering him.  Today newspapers are less popular with everyone getting their news online.  That fact should not worry you because you can now place your ad online. It is fast and convenient, you can also put it in the newspaper.

If your dog is on any medications you may want to  consider LostMyDoggie.com - Will find your missing pet by quickly calling all your neighbors.

Losing your pet is always a devastating experience and you should act right away. The longer you wait the further your pet could travel and the chance that they might be injured increases.

Some other tips if you lose your pet are

1) search the neighborhood, knock on doors.

2) call all local shelters

3) post signs at intersections (with a reward if possible) and around your neighborhood,  make sure they can read it from a distance.


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PostHeaderIcon Dog Food And Chicken By-Products

Recently I read where a popular dog food company Royal Canin was changing its formula from real chicken and chicken meal to chicken by-products.  I found it hard to believe because this would make it no better than the dog food found in every grocery store.

Since it was hard to imagine why they would change this product with many long time satisfied customers I went to their Facebook page and simply asked them the question, ” Are you changing your formula to chicken by-products”?

They responded but not on their site, maybe they don’t want to many people to know. Their answer was and I quote ” We have transitioned to chicken by-product meal in our MED, MAXI and Giant formulas. This change allows us to provide the same or superior nutritional benefits without competing with the human food supply. Thank you.”

I know there are people starving in the world but I don’t believe that there is any shortage of chickens in the U.S.  This might be more believable if every dog food company suddenly started using by-products and when I went to the grocery store it was hard to find any chicken, but that isn’t the case.

I think the real reason for their change of formula has nothing to do with saving chicken for starving humans, it’s simply about money.  If that was the real reason wouldn’t they change the formula in all their dog food.  Could it be that the many small dog owners will not stand for feeding their dog by-products of any kind?

Should we start feeling  guilty every time we feed our pets quality dog food? Royal Canin’s guilt trip is much like what your parents did when you didn’t finish your food as a child and they would say “There are people starving in the world.”  My unspoken response was, ” Well, let’s send them this along with that spinach we had for supper.”   The majority of parents were not worried about world hunger only that we finish our food so we may remain healthy and eat less junk food.   I contest what Royal Canin is saying is no different from what our parents said to us as children and they are using the same guilt trip. They want us  to continue buying their dog food because there are starving people in the world. If we continue to feed our pets chicken will it create a chicken shortage or will more people just raise chickens?

The difference between chicken meal and chicken by-products

To help you understand what this really means when you buy the new and improved Royal Canin dog food, what it use to contain was “Poultry Meal the dry rendered product from a combination of clean flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone.

Now Royal Canin dog food with chicken by-products will contain the ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcass of slaughtered poultry, such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs, and intestines, exclusive of feathers, except in such amounts as might occur unavoidably in good processing practices. It may also contain  chicken intestines and/or chicken feces. There’s no doubt when you use  ingredients like these you are creating an inferior dog food. Is there anyone who believes that this new pet food formulation has the same or superior nutritional benefits as Royal Canin insists?

My motto for feeding my dogs a quality pet food has always been like the old automotive oil commercial, ” pay me now or pay me later.”  Buy a quality food that cost more money now or pay more money at the veterinarians later.


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PostHeaderIcon A Laugh For Mondays

cute Daschunds 300x236 A Laugh For Mondays

Two dogs resting after a long day at Pet Pampering

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PostHeaderIcon My Dog Thinks She Is A Cow l When Eating Grass Is More Than An Upset Stomach

Last year my dog Megan started eating grass like she was a cow.  Now, I’m not talking about the occasional grass buffet that your dog may enjoy.  She was obsessed with eating it. You could have offered her a steak and she would have probably thought don’t you have anything green.

She didn’t want to eat her food.  It seemed like all she wanted to do was eat grass all day.  She would wake me up in the middle of the night to go outside and eat grass.  I would have to physically go outside and carry her back into the house only for her to wake me up 3 hours later to go out again and eat some more grass.

On one of my trips to the veterinarian for my other dog Precious who had congestive heart failure,  I mentioned Megan’s grass addiction to him and you can probably guess what he said, ” It’s normal for dogs to eat grass.”  So I returned home trying to think of the positive side of  it, we could probably cut the grass less often.  I could save money on food.  Other strange thoughts came to mind, maybe she was a cow in a previous life. That’s impossible more likely a cat since she loves to play with balls that are made for cats. Back to the real problem.

In the following days Megan continued to eat grass and days later she started to vomit what looked like undigested food in the middle of the night.   With this new symptom I had to take my cow/dog back in to see my veterinarian.   Before my appointment  I decided to do some internet research on why dogs eat grass in the first place.

Most Dog’s Eat Grass Because Of An Upset Stomach

I typed in google why dogs eat grass.  There was a consensus from veterinarians and pet owners that the most likely reasons your dog eats grass is because their stomach is upset. If they eat enough of it they throw up and then they appear to feel better.

Other Reasons Dogs Eat Grass:

Some other reasons for eating grass are bacteria, parasites, viruses,  food allergies, change in diet, motion sickness, intestinal worms, stress or trauma.

There were some things I thought I could rule out right away. I didn’t change her diet and I didn’t believe she had allergies because of lack of other symptoms and was positive she didn’t have worms due to a recent stool sample.  I was not aware of any stress. That left bacteria, parasites and viruses.

Helicobacter A Possible Reason For Dogs To Eat Grass?

Since I believed she was eating grass because of an upset stomach,  I searched for the type of bacteria it might be.  I’m not sure if it was just luck or my tenacity to find the real reason she was eating grass all the time but I stumbled upon  some information about Hpyloric.

Helicobacter is a class of bacteria found in both animals and humans. It lives in the digestive tracts of cats and  dogs.  Symptoms include slight to severe irritation of the stomach.

Symptoms Of Helicobacter In Dogs:

Most cases remain without any symptoms at all.  In others the following symptoms may be seen:

  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Poor appetite
  • Bowel sounds
  • Abdominal pain
  • Weight loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness
  • Sudden death
I did recognize some of these symptoms of Helicobacter in my dog.  Every night I would hear her stomach rumbling really loud.  She had no appetite for her food. She vomited two nights in a row.
When our appointment time came,  my veterinarian did the usual tests checking her temperature and checking her stool for parasites or bacteria. Her temperature was normal and there were no problems with bacteria in  her stool.  He couldn’t find anything wrong with her.
Worried that he was going to tell me again that grass-eating was normal, I asked him if it was possible that she had Helicobacter?  Luckily for me, my veterinarian always listens to what I have to say and has an open mind when it comes to a diagnosis.
How Helicobacter In Dogs Is Diagnosed.

Diagnosing  Helicobacter infection in dogs is no simple thing.  Gastric biopsy via endoscopy is the best test. This procedure is done with the dog under sedation.

Since tests to diagnose Helicobacter infection are no simple matter most vets will treat based on symptoms.  Since he couldn’t really say she didn’t have it without doing extensive tests, he just prescribed my dog the two antibiotics that are normally given for Helicobactor.

That night I started the antibiotics with my dog. It was  truly amazing because after the first day on the antibiotics she no longer ate grass.  Without that gastric biopsy I’ll never know if she really had helicobactor or some other bacterial infection that the antibiotics cured but I am convinced that eating grass all the time is not normal no matter what your veterinarian says. Today she only see grass for what it is a place to pee or roll around if it smells bad.

Eating Grass Could Simply Mean Your Dog Needs More Fiber.

If  your dogs eats grass all the time but he doesn’t vomit  he could simply have a  nutritional deficiency or need some fiber in his diet.  When my other dog would eat grass I would notice that she would have stools with blades of grass in it.  Try switching to a better dog food with high fiber.

Dog eating grass 300x190 My Dog Thinks She Is A Cow l When Eating Grass Is More Than An Upset Stomach

Do you have a dog that’s always eating grass?

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PostHeaderIcon A Laugh For Mondays l Funny Pet Pictures With Captions

My dog is ball obsessed so I couldn’t help but love this picture.

funny dog cat picture 300x285 A Laugh For Mondays l Funny Pet Pictures With Captions

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