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PostHeaderIcon What Type Of Fencing For Dogs Is Best?

Which type of fencing for dogs is best?

I once heard a saying that “Fences makes the best neighbors,”  I think this is especially true for pet owners.  Fencing allows your dog the freedom and exercise he craves without worrying about what trouble he may be getting into or causing in your neighbor’s yard.

So when new pet owners decide to get fencing for their dogs their two main choices are  an electric fence or a regular fence.  Some people will prefer electric fences since they usually are less expensive,  and if you just happen to have a million dollar view there is nothing to obstruct it.

While my view is closer to a $29 dollar view rather than a million, I think  the best fence, view or no view, is one that will keep your dogs in and more important keep wild animals and other dogs out.

The reason for my thoughts on fencing today started with my return home from the grocery store.  I pulled in my driveway, opened my garage door and as usual my 3  Pomeranians  started barking.  This normally is not a problem, after all they’re just glad to see me, but today I was unaware that my neighbor’s small dogs were exploring their neighborhood and at the side of my house. They most likely heard my dogs barking which surprised or frightened them, so they decided to run back home.  The problem with this was they lived across the street.  I could only cringe as they jetted out in front of cars.

While I don’t live on a real busy street the cars that travel this somewhat rural road have been known to drive faster than the 35 mph. speed limit. Luckily the car that was coming seen them and stopped so these cute little dogs could make it safely back home.

Since I never introduced myself yet to my new neighbor and her dogs, I thought this would be a good time.  I could say hi and let her know that her babies were crossing the street.  After my introduction and telling her about their narrow escape from being hit  she mentioned that they would soon be getting an electric fence.  Now as I said before, I’ve never been fond of electric fences.

Anyway, I asked her how will an electric fence keep wild animals or even other dogs out of her yard?  She didn’t really have an answer so I also mentioned there were raccoons in our neighborhood.  In fact, one  frequently leaves me a present of a mangled rabbit by our front door.  I’m not sure but raccoons and small dogs can’t be a good thing, can they?

Even if now you are saying to yourself there is no way any wild animals are in my neighborhood,  you surely always find  stray dogs.   Large dogs who might think your small dog needs a little  exercise as he chases him around your yard.

Another thing that should be considered when deciding on fencing for your pets, perhaps you have a  friend or relative who wants to bring their dog over to play with yours.  Without proper training there’s no question that if you put their dog in your yard to play he will get zapped. This could really traumatize the dog along with their owner.

I’m also convinced that if a dog in an electric fence is really determined, which they usually are when chasing a squirrel or something else that interests them, the fence won’t keep them in.  They will be zapped, perhaps yelp and keep on running. This is just what happened to my son’s dog. It was just the first of many escapes his dog made.  His yard was extremely large so they didn’t want to spend the money on a regular fence.

While this may have confirmed the fact that mothers always know best,  I  refrained from saying  I told you so to my son.  Although it did convince me that a regular fence is always better than an electric fence.  Better to spend a little more money to get a fence that will protect your pets against wild animals and stray dogs.

A regular fence will work for children too, whether you want to keep your kids in your yard or your neighbor’s kids out.  After all you can’t put a collar on a two-year old……………or maybe………… what’s that phone number for inventions………..oh, never mind.

Now, I know many pet owners have dogs who can climb,  jump or have been reading up on teleportation and  magically finds himself on the other side of the fence.  For you I can sympathize with because I too once had a dog who could jump fences.  I think if you have a dog like this, I pray for you and perhaps both kinds of fencing will help you.

What do you think?