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PostHeaderIcon When A Runny Nose And Sneezing Is Not Allergies In Your Dog.

For years now I’ve been asking every vet I’ve been to for something I can give my dog for congestion and runny nose. They all prescribe antibiotics that eventually work but in the mean time my Pomeranian would not be able to sleep. She  would constantly sit up after laying down for a few minutes. She just couldn’t breathe. Have you ever tried to sleep with a runny and stuffed up nose?

It seems she had an infection of pasturella and strep which caused her sneezing and runny nose. This wasn’t an easy diagnosis to arrive with. The first couple of visits to a vet told me she just had a cold or allergies give her Benadryl. When that didn’t work I went back to a different vet and it was then he did a culture of the excess mucus coming from her nose.

Finally we had a diagnosis that was easily cured with antibiotics. The problem she has is this condition keeps recurring for some unknown reason in the past several years. By the time antibiotics start to work you have lost several days of sleep. Of course she sleeps with me and she takes her paw and scratches at my arm to let me know she is miserable.

One day I thought I would call a naturalpathic vet whom I knew but didn’t go there because it was an hour drive away and asked him “Isn’t there something I can give my Pomeranian  when she gets this and can’t breathe. I was shocked when he told me Robitussin DM. You can buy it over the counter. I couldn’t believe it didn’t any other vet I’ve been to know of this?

I’ll admit I was scared to give it to her but we were both desperate for relief. She slept so good for about 3 1/2 hours. After another dose in another hour the antibiotics started working and she was better. Now whenever she gets this recurring infection I give her this.

So recently I seen this board that had Robitussin DM on it as one of the safe products over the counter to give pets. I hope any pet parents seeing this board will now know it is ok to give this product  to their pets. Make sure it’s the right Robitussin. It has only two ingredients and says cough and mucus on the box.


image 98x300 When A Runny Nose And Sneezing Is Not Allergies In Your Dog.